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Count Physical Inventory – Paper-Driven Counting

in this related post I will show fiori app “Count Physical Inventory – Paper-Driven Counting”.With this app, you can efficiently count physical inventory (PI)

Can’t process physical inventory documents for blind counts



Hi, in this related post I will show ewm rfui themes. Default theme & screens This is a standard /SCWM/RFUI themes . This theme is the most popular. Because many consultant even doesn’t have any idea about alternative themes 🙂 2. Sample CSS 1 You can find details at the attached file. This css is my…

EWM – ERP Shipment Integration

Hi , in this related post I will explain ERP shipment integration with EWM. With this process you can manage your delivery with transportation unit and vehicle. Also this process can manage EWM & TM integration. Process step. Create delivery with TU ( can be more than one delivery ) Display TU /SCWM/TU Activate TU…